maile sur | photo by daniel kolomiyets

who: maile sur


what: art director + photographer + hurricane

                        popcorn connoisseur + futbol fanatic

                        + mom to @rookahthecat


when: i found my love for design in ms. haina's                              high school journalism class 


where: eugene for now + maui forever // find

                            me behind the wheel of my super sick

                            nissan looking for another corner of

                            oregon to explore

why: my first copy of seventeen magazine

                    changed my life. so the journey to

                    figure out whatever the hell miranda

                    sheppard's job title was began

HOW: numerous adobe tutorials + hours in

                    allen hall + lots of curiosity + never-ending                           FaceTime convos with @leah.kidd +

                    gallons of coffee + @mailesur

maile sur

designer + art director + photographer + hurricane popcorn connoisseur + fútbol fanatic + mom to @rookahthecat

I found my love for design in ms. haina's high school journalism class 


born on maui + educated in oregon + working in los angeles at Ruggable

my first copy of seventeen magazine changed my life. so the journey to figure out whatever-the-hell-miranda-sheppard's-job-title-was began


a long list of mentors + numerous adobe tutorials + far too many questions + my copywriting genius @leah.kidd + gallons of coffee